Sunday, January 18, 2009


Right now at Vintage, we are doing a series called God, Is That You? (emphasis on the "that") In this series, we are considering our perceptions (and misperceptions) of God, and we are challenging ourselves with some of the highly unusual ways God reveals himself in the Bible. Two weeks in, it feels like the kind of series we're going to remember for a while!

In conjunction with this series, on Friday night, we gathered at Vintage for a unique worship experience. With lots of music and candles and quiet, we made Post Secret-like cards that express how we view God. The result is a fascinating collective theology project that is now hanging on the gallery wall at Vintage.


Mine is taken from a compelling quote from theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg.


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Tony Maude said...

Robb, I'm really interested in this series - how did it pan out, what approaches did you take, which surprising views of God did you consider? Any chance that we could discuss this off your blog?

Please e-mail me on pastor @ peeblesbaptist. org