Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bracket Fun

I love March Madness. I was telling Vanessa this morning that there is a big reason why the NFL and the NCAA Tournament are so much more popular than every other sporting event of the year - fan investment. For most sports, fans are invested in their favorite teams. But once you get beyond their favorites, the passion a fan feels for a sport drops dramatically. Both football and college basketball have figured out ways to keep their fans invested in the sport irrespective of how their own favorite team is doing. For the NFL, it's fantasy football. For college basketball, it's brackets, baby.

Here's my Final Four:


I've got Duke beating Memphis in the championship game. (I wanted to pick either Louisville or Memphis, but so many others had them in the bracket pool at work that I didn't think it would be a good strategery.

For fun, I also filled out a bracket based purely on team mascots. It's Final Four:

Demon Deacons
Golden Eagles
Blue Devils
Sun Devils

I had the Demon Deacons beating the Sun Devils in the end. Oops.