Friday, March 06, 2009

Notes From The Road

I am currently sitting in an Irish pub in the Pittsburgh airport, hoping to get to Chicago and then home tonight. This time is giving me the opportunity to reflect on my latest trip. Here are a couple of observations.

First, on the menu currently in front of me, in the healthy alternatives section there is a buffalo chicken wrap. Ok, might be healthy ... Until you read what it comes with. The menu reads, "Served with pork rinds." This is what is considered a healthy alternative in Pittsburgh, I guess. And speaking of Pittsburgh, all normal hate aside, could there be a more dirty city than this? Ugh.

Second, on my flight from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh yesterday, the flight attendent gets in the mic and says - and I am not making this up - "Our pilot today is Captain Kirk." Seriously? If you were a pilot named Kirk would you ever let any one call you Captian Kirk? I know I wouldn't. When she said it, I looked at the guy across the aisle. We both just started laughing.

It's actually been a long time since I made a pastoral visit to a hospital. (I think that has something to do with pastoring a church with an average age under 30.). Yesterday, I did two. I went to see Vanessa's sister who has been sick and landed in the hospital in Pittsburgh and her dad who had both his knees replaced in Meadville. I was happy to do it and very glad that my business trip afforded me the opportunity.

Now, if I can just get home tonight ...



Sara said...

I laughed just reading the title "Captain Kirk"...

Anonymous said...

Hey Robb,
Hope you are well. I was just checking on our cousin's web page. After her surgery she has had a slow recovery and has been sick for a month, I plan to ask my small group and church to pray for her, maybe you could call upon your prayer warriors too. Her new web page is thru caring bridge. Give your family and mom a hello for me.