Saturday, May 23, 2009

Clumsy During a Growth Spurt

We've always been able to tell when Mattie is about to grow. Her sweet little cheeks get all chubby. And she gets clumsy. She walks into things, falls down for no reason, gets hurt in unusual ways. It's like her body can't keep up with itself, like she's trying to adjust to her new size. It's been this way since she was a toddler, and we still see it now that she's on the brink of being a "double digitter," as she calls it.

What is true physically for her is true spiritually for me. When God is up to something in my life, when I am on the brink of big changes, I tend to get a little clumsy. I'm not as careful as I should be with my words. I am even more easily annoyed. I don't think well of people as I should. Normally, I end up tripping into the people closest to me - Vanessa and the kids. Sometimes I even stumble into a friend.

Being clumsy sucks. But it also gives me hope that maybe I'm growing.


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