Thursday, July 02, 2009

Apps: I Heart Radio

I love listening to the radio. I am a fan of talk radio - political, sports, finance, aliens. If someone is talking about it, I love to listen to it. I think my affinity for talk radio stems from the fact that I am an auditory learner. In college, I figured out that if I just listened in class - not slept - I wouldn't have to take notes. I would be ok. For me, listening is where it is at.

The I Heart Radio app for the iPhone gives me access to several hundred radio stations across the country. I can listen to them live, at my desk. The quality is good - very clear. The formatting is nice, allowing me to choose between by style. I can also favorite the stations I listen to frequently. If I'm listening to music, I can tag a song so I can check the artist, title, lyrics - and even buy it on iTunes.

My only complaint is that occasionaly the app will crash. A simply restart of it usually fixes the hangup.

Currently in my favorited stations:

WTAM - Cleveland
KFI - Los Angels
WNDE - Sports Talk (for Dan Patrick and Jim Rome)
New! Discover & Uncover - new music

I am hoping that when(!) Tony Kornheiser returns to radio, I Heart Radio will allow me to listen live rather than being a day behind on the podcast.

The I Heart Radio app is highly recommended!


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NTK! said...

Dude! You put the bar pretty low!!! I ain't no fan of Tony K! But the rest of your stuff...pretty much enjoy! Keep up the work!