Friday, November 05, 2004

Election Analysis 4: The Cabinet

This is probably the final installment in my election analysis, but with all the talk of who will fill out the President's cabinet in the new term, I thought I would share some of my thoughts and hopes.

Attorney General: Rudy Guiliani -- Rudy began as an assistant AG under Reagan. Coming back to this office does two things: first, it turns a super-controversial AG (Ashcroft) into a super-popular one, and second, it keeps Rudy in the public eye (think Rudy '08).

Secretary of State: Condi Rice -- I love Condi. She would do a great job at State, bringing to the position something Colin Powell does not have - loyalty to the President. Besides, think Condi '08.

Treasury Secretary: Steve Forbes - As long as we are going to be talking about reforming the tax code, we might as well have someone at the Treasury Department who has a track record on this issue. I am a huge fan of Forbes' flat tax.

Defense Secretary: Paul Wolfowitz - I don't think Rumsfeld is going to resign until an end to minor combat operations in Iraq has been declared. If and when that happens, I hope Wolfowitz gets the job. He's controversial, but he deserves it.

Not a complete list, but some thoughts ...

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