Sunday, November 07, 2004

Wow I Hate the Steelers

The fact that the Steelers are the hottest team in football is driving me nuts. In the last two weeks, they have knocked off the top two teams in the league - the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. What is not to hate? Endless puns on QB Ben Rothlesberger's name? Hate it. The fact that 400 year old Jerome Bettis is still chugging along? Hate it. Bill Cowher's chin? Hate it. The arrogant, celebrate-when-you've-injured-a-player defense? Hate it. I am projected down the road quite a bit here, but I can say that I almost would rather have had Kerry win the presidency than the Steelers win the Super Bowl. Hate it.


Anonymous said...

Well you seem to be filled with hate. After reading what you hate about the Steelers, my question is WHY do you hate? You provide absolutely no reason for your disgust, make no mention of what Pittsburgh, the Steelers, their obviously talented rookie QB, future Hall of Fame RB (who can still play at an all-pro level, or Bill Cowher's chin...have done to you personally that has deserved your wrath and disgust. You sound like sour grapes, except for the fact that unless, the above mentioned caused you or family hardship, or happened to whip your team recently, you do not appear to have anything grapes to bitch about. This would classify you more as a sourpuss, than sour grapes. So if you are an intelligent footbal fan, try taking a straight forward running approach, and and give some purpose to your seem to work for the Steelers.

Robb said...

Well, I am sorry that I offended you, whoever you are. But, as a life-long Cleveland Browns fan, hating the Steelers is woven into my genetic code. I have nothing personal against any of the Steelers I mentioned in my rant (maybe I went too far with Cowher's chin), but can't I blow off some steam at the team that annoys me most? What we're talking about here is the passionate love of a fan for his team - there is nothing rational about it. By the way, the Browns were robbed tonight! The media darling committed pass interference on that 106 yard interception for a TD. It should have been first and goal from the one, not game over.