Saturday, November 20, 2004

Thoughts on TV

This will be a recurring feature on my blog. Here are some of my thoughts about the TV shows I am watching right now.

Lost -- I love the show. I love the flashback scenes. But, this week's episode disappointed me, though. First, we did not learn how Saied made into onto the plane in Australia. That has been a feature of the flashbacks, and I missed it this week. Second, I had a hard time tracking things on Wednesday. Maybe I was just tired, but a lot of things didn't make sense. I think they need to start explaining some things so that people (me) don't lose interest.

Survivor -- I have had a hard tme this season identifying with the players. From the very beginning, there have not been any personalities that I was drawn to and rooted for. No one on the show has clicked with me the way Boston Rob did, for instance. I was rooting for Chad, but he got voted off. By the way, I miss the days when people played dumb at Tribal Council. It was better when Richard Hatch was saying, "Alliance, Jeff? What's an alliance?" These days people keep shooting themselves in the foot by revealing strategery during T.C. Boy, I hope Chris survives a couple more weeks.

The Apprentice -- I miss Raj. It's all boring without Raj. Firing two people was cute for promos and all, and both of them deserved to be fired, but I miss Raj.

West Wing - Why is Jimmy Smits in every commercial and not on the show?

Amazing Race - I got hooked on it last year and am going to be watching the rerun of the premier tonight. I hope it's good.

Can't wait for Alias to come back. Heard it will be on Wednesdays after Lost. Very good. I am bored out of my mind with ER, have been for about 3 seasons now, but the wife watches it.

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