Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Extreme Makeover: Values Edition

It is everywhere - the Extreme Makeover phenomenon. Makeover shows are the biggest thing in reality television with people getting everything from their houses to their noses to their broken down jalopies made new again. You can't turn on TV anymore without seeing someone's life being transformed in some way. Extreme makeover is a cultural force.

Like all tidal waves that crash against American culture, the makeover shows highlight the values we hold dear. Too often we think of popular television, music, and movies as a compass, setting the course for where morality in our society is headed. In reality, we ought to think of them as a mirror, revealing the state of morality in our hearts.

Viewed this way, the makeover craze reveals a deceptive value that our world has bought into: What I look like on the outside is the key to my happiness.

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