Monday, January 03, 2005

A Series of Fortunate Events

Just wanted to share a few blessings:

~ Someone put a check for $15,000 in the offering plate on Sunday. That's always good news.

~ On Vanessa's sister and brother-in-law's advice, we stopped at Cabellas and got an electric shock collar for the dog. Let me tell you, I have NEVER liked Sidney more. She is obedient, calm, and seemingly happy. She can be off her leash outside. Vanessa says it is the best $200 we ever spent. Now we are looking for one for Calvin - just kidding.

~ One of the college students from church gave us a copy of Apple's OS X.3 operating system for Vanessa's computer. How cool is that? I spent last night and much of today getting Ness' computer tuned up and running well. It is like upgrading from Windows 98 to XP. Very nice - thanks, Josh!

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