Monday, January 03, 2005

Playoff Predictions

Here we go. This is how I see it playing out.
(By the way - if the Super Bowl ends up being Steelers vs. Eagles, I will not watch!)



Seattle over St. Louis
Both teams come in limping, but I expect Seattle to rally and beat the Rams in their third matchup this year. But, for what it's worth, I think that both teams will be looking for new head coaches in the offseason.

Green Bay over Minnesota
Also meeting for the third time this year, GB wins in a high scoring game (both times they've played this year it ended 34-31). Ahman Green will be the difference.


Seattle over Philadelphia
It will be a shocker (and a shockingly ugly game), but Seattle will hit its stride at the right time. Philly's loss will leave the sports punditry world talking about how TO should have been MVP instead of that guy from the Colts.

Green Bay over Atlanta
It will be build as a passing of the guard - the best QB of the modern era vs. the potentially best QB of the future. Vick is overrated and will not show up. Besides, no running QB has ever won the Super Bowl.


Green Bay over Seattle
What can I say - I am on the Farve bandwagon. He wants to retire, but he also wants to go out on top. It will be another Super Bowl start for the iron man of pro football.



NY Jets over San Diego
As much as I have been impressed with the Bolts this year, this is not their year. Besides, Marty Schottenheimer is not a good playoff coach (trust me on this - I am a Browns fan). Curtis Martin carries the day and starts to get some credit for being the stud that he is.

Indianapolis over Denver
The MVP and his posse are just to much for the Broncos to cover. If everyone in their defensive backfield was named Champ Bailey they might have a chance, but Champ can only cover one guy. Colts win handily. (And ... Shanahan joins the surprising list of out-of-work coaches.)


Pittsburgh over NY Jets
Baby ben keeps winning. Terry Bradshaw literally begins to bounce off the walls in the FOX studio. Terrible towels get sold in WalMarts all over the country. And I buy one to puke in.

Indy over New England
It will be an epic battle. It will be close. When the playoffs are all said and done, it will be remembered as the best game of the year - an instant classic. And Peyton Manning will finally get the Belichek off his back.


Indy over Pittsburgh
People will wonder if the Colts have anything left, but it will be anti-climatic as Peyton throws for 400 yards and 5 scores on the throw-against-able Steelers D. I will laugh and cry with delight.


Super Bowl XXXIX

Indianapolis over Green Bay
Peyton Manning vs. Brett Favre. It will be the highest rated Super Bowl in memory. And it will be a dandy, but the Colts firepower will be too much for the Pack D in the end. In a relative surprise, Edgerrin James will be named Super Bowl MVP for his 175 yard, 2 TD game.

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