Friday, February 04, 2005

Christianity Today's Top 10 Movies

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Hotel Rwanda
3. Dogville
4. The Incredibles
5. Million Dollar Baby
6. The Return
7. Hero
8. The Aviator
9. (tie) The Story of the Weeping Camel
9. (tie) Vera Drake


A said...

Holy Crap. We bought a DVD player last weekend and the only thing available to rent Saturday night at 8 was Eternal Sunshine. We absolutely hated it. I think it is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It was slow, boring, and not entertaining to watch at all.

Hated it!!

Robb said...

Really? I kind of liked it. It fits in the Punch Drunk Love, Fight Club, Being John Malkovich genre. It was by far my favorite of that group. Eternal Sunshine was one of the few movies that I did not hate Jim Carrey in. Plus, Kate Winslet got an Oscar nomination for it. I am looking forward to watching Hotel Rwanda.