Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Democrats Response

Now my thoughts on the other side.

Comments aren't working for some reason, so I will put my comments here ...

Is Europe an economic powerhouse?

Harry Reid is suggesting that government builds the economy. I have a much different view - that people with freedom from government to invest and spend their own money build a strong economy.

What is the chanting going on in the background?

Harry, that same old ideology has won several elections in a row.

Sen. Reid, President Bush just said that he is not proposing a rate hike or a benefits reduction. Your argument falls flat.

Harry Reid's presentation and demeanor is a welcome change from Tom Daschle.

Nancy Pelosi on foreign policy? That seems like a tactical error. What credibility does she have on this issue?

Someone should have cleared the hall outside before the Democrats response.

Yes, Iraq is a magnet for international terrorists. That is the whole point. Have our troops fight them on foreign soil so that our civilians don't have to fight them on our soil.

Pelosi's speech is a snoozer.

No amount of hand motions is going to hide how badly she is reading.

Overall Grade; C.


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton has more experience in foreign policy when she's passed out than Nancy Pelosi. From all her experience "playing President." If you can't tell this is coming from someone who didn't enjoy the "Billary" years.

Robb said...