Saturday, March 19, 2005

But I Don't Want to Be a Liberal

I have been reading books lately well outside of my own political sphere: Brian McLaren, Don Miller, Jim Wallis. Each is advocating a left-leaning understanding of a Christian's engagement in political activity. But I am a ditto-head, Newt Gingrich-loving, Reaganite Republican. There are times when I don't think George W. Bush is conservative enough. I am feeling a great inner tension. Can there be a Christian political philosophy that transcends right and left? Can I be pro-human rights and pro-war? Can I be pro-life and pro-environment? Can I want to address poverty but be skeptical that the government is the right way to do it? These -and many others- are the questions I am now asking. Good thing '08 is three years away.

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Rocket said...

Pro-life and Pro-war? That's a tough one. I am Pro-life. I'm Pro-human rights. Saddam squashed human rights. But could we take care of this without a war? I really have a hard time with the war being sold to me as being because of weapons of mass destruction as well. And to go all postmodern on you. Why must we establish democracy in Iraq?