Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rewriting the Christian Lexicon

I taught a Sunday School class on Sunday about "salvation." We talked a little bit about how so much of our terminology has become cliche.

I got saved.
You need to get saved.
Born again
Get right with God.

What does it all mean?

I have been thinking that I am going to start using a new term for this biblical idea of what God does - salvage. God salvages us. He takes us after we have broken down, after we have ruined ourselves, and he cleans off the dirt, scrubs off the rust, repaints us, repairs us, and restores us. God takes our lives off of the trash heap, off the curb, out of the junk yard, and he salvages us.


A said...

In my current line of work we call that refurbishing.

ness said...

uh. could i get some props here?