Friday, March 25, 2005

Grenzophiles Check In

I coined a new term today in an email to a friend - he is a grenzophile, claiming to check my blog several times a day. At the same time, I am happy about this and a bit terrified. I am not sure Vanessa cares this much about me and my random opinions. So come on, all you grenzophiles, pony-up. Do you visit this site more than I do?


John said...

I check it at least once a day.

A said...

I check 3-4 times a day if nothing new is being posted.

When new posts and/or comments are prolific, I may check more than a dozen times in the course of normal business hours unless things are extremely chaotic at work.

klasieprof said...

I Check..4-6 times a day..I have a little routine I do..checking my communities..yours is always FIrst..and then I get Pi**ed OOPS I mean...bummed and frustrated with nothing new..(like the recent VERY long dry spell LOL) .and when THERE IS something new..I read it ..then absorb it, and then go back later to read it again.
I can HEAR you saying the stuff you write..LOL.
Its a very good springboard for be "holy" in my online searches, and to foster new creative thought in this old rickety mind. Plus hey...lets just face it..1-2 a week is just NOT enough to be able to pick your brain!! YOu have so much MORE to say, and I want to be there to hear it/read it.

Justin Wolfgang said...

OK, Robb, I only check it 4 - 5 times a day. Is that truly Grenzophile material?

Justin Wolfgang said...

Another thing, I had your blog and the President's State of the Union running concurrently. That was sheer fun!

Robb said...

Justin, that is hilarious. Too bad you never had The Bachelorette and my commentary on at the same time. That was classic.