Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Borders - 2008's Big Issue

I am convinced that border control will be the biggest issue of the 2008 campaign. That being said, I read this article that claims that the US is going to be tightening border controls by requiring US citizens traveling to/from Canada or Mexico to show passports.

Let me get this straight - we are making it harder for US citizens to travel, but we are doing very little to clamp down on the illegal immigrants streaming into our country. The government is so messed up sometimes.

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klasieprof said...

The Washington Post had an article in it today about the borders...being patrolled by "volunteers with guns"....yikes..somehow..THAT doesn't sound real good!
Also, in meeting with a Senator's aide today, it came up in conversation that ENVIRONMENTAL groups are REALLY starting to oppose immigration because "they are causing POPULATION degradation." I dont know..but after that I went to the Holocaust museum..and saw where that kind of thinking led.....and it 'wernt pretty.