Wednesday, May 18, 2005

California Dreaming

We had a wonderful day today. The conference was amazing and moving. I will write more about it later, and I will probably type out my notes from Rick Warren's sermon on the PEACE program. It will augment the optomistic dispensationalism discussion! Plus, we had the great news about Gilman Springs today! Praise God.

Vanessa and I spent a big chunk of the day seeing the sights in CA, including going to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley and also Hollywood. Here are some pictures:

Robb, at the Reagan Library, overlooking the Simi Valley

Vanessa, at the Reagan Library, in front of part of the Berlin Wall

My favorite part of the Reagan Library - an autographed 1987 Cleveland Browns helmet



klasieprof said...

ok, ok, I"m glad GLAD you are having a wonderful time

A said...

What is the great news about Gilman?

jdub said...

hey nice glammer shot on your about me section.