Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Great News about The Springs

Here is an email I sent out to the CMA churches yesterday.

Praise God! He did it through you!

Through the generosity of our churches, Gilman Springs Baptist Camp will be able to make its bond payment tomorrow and avoid going into foreclosure. We are praising God for each church that took up special offerings. And we are praising God for each investor who donated so graciously to this ministry!

Additionally, many of us were praying specifically that we would be able to make this payment without draining every dime from our accounts, placing us in another operational deficit. And through you, God came through again. None of the $4000 donated specifically at the PIC Banquet for the new Super Launch blob will be used to make the bond payment. And, we still have a balance ($3000) in the operational checking account. Praise God!

Thanks again for getting the word out and for giving so generously! Thank your congregation for us! We definitely believe that this is confirmation from God that he is planning on using Gilman Springs for his kingdom for years to come.

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