Monday, July 11, 2005


So ... here are some thoughts about some flicks I have seen lately.

War of the Worlds - First of all, this movie made me very glad that I don't believe in aliens. The special effects were very distracting at first, but I got used to them quickly and came to enjoy them. The story was engaging - a few holes, but also a number of very memorable scenes. Tom Cruise was not annoying, the little girl deserves an Oscar nomination, and Timothy Robbins was amazing. I enjoyed it a lot.

The Life Aquatic - I love weird movies, and this is one. Bill Murray and Owen Wilson absolutely crack me up. I laughed out loud several times. But ... I am pretty sure that I don't know a single other person who would enjoy this movie, so I am not going to recommend it to anyone.

National Treasure - Loved it. I don't know how historically accurate any of the Mason stuff was, but it was an enjoyable story that reminded me of the Indiana Jones movies.

Meet the Parents - I know, I know, I know ... how lame am I? I am right now watching this flick for the first time on ABC, and ... it's funny. It reminds me of meeting Vanessa's parents.


A said...

I saw "Meet the Parents" last night for the first time too!!

I found it funnier than I thought I would. I am not typically a Ben Stiller fan, but this movie was entertaining.

Dude, did you see the "Rock Star INXS"?? I thought it was going to be cheesy, but it was really really good. I think I am hooked.

J Wolf said...

That makes three of us that watched Meet the Parents, for the first time, last night, on ABC. I think that's enough to start our own support group. I also enjoyed the movie, but since I am still hopelessly looking for the right young lady the film is somewhat depressing and a little bit frightening!