Monday, July 11, 2005

A New Grenzian Feature - Rudy '08

I have decided to support a presidential candidate for 2008 - Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. I know that it is a controversial pick because I am a conservative and a Christian. However, I believe Rudy is the man to lead us in the future. This blog will track Rudy in the news, and it will offer my humble advice on how he can win the Republican primary and the national election. Enjoy.


A said...

Ok, so I like him as a guy generally, and his leadership ability is unquestionable.

While I would not consider myself a "one issue" voter, his stance on BOTH abortion and gun control are concerns for me. Surprisingly enough, (and I cannot believe I am putting this in writing) I might feel more strongly about the gun control stance than the abortion stance.

So, your first assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to convince me why I should vote for him (assuming he gets the nomination) given my reservations in these two areas.

Go. =)

Robb said...

That's what this whole site will be - trying to convince conservatives to vote for Rudy. I figure if I can convince my mom (and now, you) I will have done my job. It will take a while for me to unfold my case - so don't expect it all in one post. I figure I got to start now so that by 2008, conservative Christians will be used to the idea of voting for Rudy. I hope you enjoy the site.

A said...

Have we ever had a president so bald?
Showing my historical ignorance, but the picture you posted showed how much he's thinned out.

"Charlton Heston used to be my President!" =)

Robb said...

Yeah, it has been a while since we elected a bald President, I think it didn't happen in the 20th century. Hey, it's good for things to change!

Robb said...

And about Rudy ... I think 9-11 is responsible for Rudy's hair loss.