Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The concert last night was really great. Here is a little video clip. A, enjoy.

Some thoughts about the concert:

First, I guess I had never realized how guitar-driven Switchfoot is. I had never thought of it, but seeing three guys jamming away on their guitars, plus a bassist, was really impressive. For some songs, one of the guitarists switches over to the keyboard, but they are definately a guitar-driven band.

Second, their opening act, Sleeping At Last, was good - much better than Kings of Leon who opened for U2.

Third, they played just about every song from Beautiful Letdown, which was ok because it's a good album. But I was hoping to hear more stuff old and new stuff. They did play a couple of songs from their new album, which was cool but I wanted more. Their part of the show only lasted 1:15, so I thought they could have played more.

Fourth, the leadsinger - I don't know his name :bagovermyhead: - seemed dissappointed to me that people weren't singing along that much. The crowd did not sustain any kind of interaction with him, and I think it bugged him. I might be wrong about this, but it was my impression. He seemed like he wanted us to sing more and was annoyed that we didn't. Of course, I am comparing this to the U2 concert where the crowd sang 40 for 15 minutes after the band had left the stage.

Fifth, the encore, Gone, was the best song of the night. When he jumped from the top of the drumkit and they nailed his landing with the final note of the song, it was pretty cool.

All in all, excellent concert. Good music. Hot wife. Good night.

Here's another concert clip: Switchfoot


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I didn't know that Sleeping At Last was opening for Switchfoot. Jacob is really good friends with those guys. That's really cool!

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Way cool, but way illegal