Sunday, October 30, 2005

OK - Let's Talk Browns Football

First of all, I have been realistic about this season. There have been those on the message boards pedicting 10 wins and the playoffs. I have not been drinking that koolaid. That said, I was really happy with the way they played early in the season. Romeo Crennel seems like the real deal to me, and I have been cautious optimistic about the long term.

Until the last weeks, when the Browns have scored 6, 20, 3, 10, and 16 points. They don't have the defense to win with that kind of offensive output. Today, they lose to Houston, previously winless.

Is Charlie Frye, the rookie QB, the answer? Not this year. I want to see the Browns exercise some restraint, keeping Frye on the bench until week 13. Then, give him 4 weeks to play and get hammered. This is the pattern Cincy followed with Carson Palmer and it seems to have worked. Let him get needed game experience, but without a whole season to kill his confidence.

I trust Romeo, but I don't want to see Frye thrown in too soon.

Oh ... and while I am talking Browns football in Arkansas. Here's a prediction - the next coach of the Razorbacks will be Butch Davis. yikes.

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