Sunday, October 30, 2005

So, Now I Am Afraid I Might Lose My Job

Worked today - kind of weird to do something other than preach on a Sunday, but that is for another time. Anyway, since I am working in the candy store, as Joel called it, I got permission to "borrow" some books. Figured I could read 'em without buying 'em. Hopefully the kids won't spill apple cider on them. Anyway, my boss gave me permission to take a book home every once in a while. So today, as I am leaving I grabbed Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. As I am heading to the car I say goodnight to Emma, whom I worked with. She gives me this weird look. Once I hit the car, I realize ... she thinks I'm stealing this book. It was too late by then to tell her I have permission ... hopefully I will have a job when I head back on Wednesday.

1 comment:

Sara said...

"I always knew you were a thief. I was just never around long enough to prove it...just kidding

i don't think you will lose your job..if you had permission you had permission..maybe your co-worker should have spoken up and said something if she really thought you were stealing it..