Sunday, November 20, 2005

Grenz 3.0

What do you think of the changes?


Cathy said...

I like it. I like being considered a fellow prodigal.

A said...

The orange hurts my eyes.


klasieprof said...

somehow a few months ago I lost all the backdrops..I just get black and white. HOWEVER on the next up grade...spell Theological in "I am a graduate of Biblical Theologial". or is it GIAL??

I cant wait to get to work with hard earned tax dollars to see the new layout.

zoydk: the sound batmans fist makes on a bad guy "ZOYDK" (the old 60's versions".

klasieprof said...

that seems a lot harsher when I re read it..didn't mean it that way.
(also I have TAKE) taken.

LOL See I want to make $$ when you is a big timey like ya know writer ands alls thats by editation your books.

courtney said...

playing in Ness' paint chips again?

veuatl--drunken virtual