Monday, November 21, 2005

Big Breakfast

Hey Friends of Vintage,

Aaron and I are having lunch with a potential worship leader tomorrow. Please pray that this goes well, and that if he is the guy for the team we'll all be awake enough to realize it. Thanks.



jdub said...

We are always praying for you guys

klasieprof said...

Honey..remember NOTHING has to be "decided" tomorrow..this is an exploration...
This doesn't have to Be "IT" relax..enjoy the lunch, the flow..and just let things sort of happen.
Seems like God doesnt' FORCE things...he leads, and reinstills ideas..
So..order dessert, and extra coffee..sit back and see what happens.

Courtney said...

I'd say "keep us posted" over here in TN but we'll down soon!....donna's right,btw,...order dessert and keep your sister-in-law employed

Robb said...

Well, breakfast went very, very well. It was easy and comfortable. We laughed a lot. He seems ready for something like Vintage, and Aaron and I both liked him a lot - and that's saying something! We dropped the V-bomb on him, and he took it well. We gave him our literature and disk, and he is going to digest it. I am planning on going to his church on Sunday to see him in action. We don't want a worship leader who can't actually do it!