Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Favorite TV Comedy

The Office. Who's with me?

This is simply the funniest thing on TV since Seinfeld. I crack up every week, just dying on the floor laughing.

It is like a well-written train wreck. It makes you uncomfortable, but you can't pull your eyes away. I have seen the whole first season of the British version, but I still very much enjoy the one on NBC.

Michael is hilarious and painful and reminds me A LOT of someone who shall remain nameless.

Dwight is too real to be real.

Jim and Pam make the show.

There is the perfect mixture of nutjobs and normal people - just like life.

And it takes place in Scranton!

Some of my favorite moments:

- During the what to take on a dessert island, the blonde lady has to choose three books. She decides on the Bible, the Purpose Driven Life, and the DaVinci Code (so she can burn it).

- Michael on the floor under his desk on the phone with his boss with whom he had a one night stand the night before. We can only hear his side of the conversation, "Oh, so you want to see other people ... only other people."

- Tonight when the big guy calls the intern "fire guy."

The Office. Who's watching it?

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Matt Book said...

Tonight's episode, which is resting comfortably in my DirecTV TIVO unit, will be the third episode I watch. I haven't decided whether I like it or not. There have been some funny moments but I wasn't hooked the first time I saw it a few weeks ago. I'll give it a shot and keep watching. Everybody who's anybody is watching it and I just want to be loved and accepted.