Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I might not feel this way in a month when below the tree is getting loaded up with presents, but Thanksgiving may just be my favorite holiday.

I love the colors - brown and orange, of course. I love the smells. I love filling up my plate so much the first time that I can't even eat seconds. I love not being able to choose between pumpkin and apple pie and so having to take both. I love hearing what everyone else is thankful for before we being the meal. I love the memories of Aunt Emily's house. I love chill in the air and thinking about when I was a kid playing football in the yard with my friends. I love watching either the Lions or the Cowboys. I love complaining about the Friends Thanksgiving episode that had like the Giants and the Packers playing each other on Thanksgiving which is so obviously wrong. I love the execuse to eat as much squash as I can hold. I love the triptophan kicking in. I love the turkey sandwiches in the evening. I love the fact that Kevin and I had Target celebrities call Vanessa, Cathy, and Mars in the middle of the night last year. And I love that I have so much to be thankful for.

My crazysexycool wife who believes in my crazy dreams.
My kids ... three of them this year ... who make me laugh and cry.
My friends who consistently amaze me with their passion and insight.
My family who I can't imagine going through life without.
My home ... yeah, I am very thankful for the Hollyhock House.
And my God ... who keeps drawing me forward on a journey that I am not sure I am up for but I wouldn't want to miss.


A said...

I'm thankful you're in Arkanasas.

Did you ever imagine you'd be living in ARKANSAS!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not thankful you are in Akansas. Church is not the same or even close. We sang all 5 verses of And Can It Be and by the 3rd verse Pat and I just looked at each other and said "Who died?" It was as bad as funeral music. I am thankful for the time you and Vanessa were here. I grew so much.Thank you!!! Have a great Thanksgiving. It's snowing today and very windy. Brr! Sally

Anonymous said...

and dont forget sally, the Tears on command..that always makes me feel SOOO I better pay attention to this portion!! IF it brings TEARS to the teachers eyes, it must be esp. true.

wdwin: what my soul is turning into with these freeky pastors and teacher coming thru....