Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Can't Win the Big One"

Dan Reeves - 4 Super Bowl losses
Marv Levy - 4 Super Bowl losses
Marty Schottenheimer - 3 AFC Championship losses
Andy Reid - 3 NFC Championship losses, 1 Super Bowl loss


Bill Cowher - 4 AFC Championship losses, 1 Super Bowl loss (so far)


Cathy said...

Yes but according to your previous post, which I found disturbing. It looks like Cowher will put that behind him. I was given a new sig at Footballguys by our admin who is a huge Seahawks fan for pointing that out.

Robb said...

What? It was Aaron that predicted a Stiller win, not me. What are you talking about?

John said...

Sadly, Cowher has more Championship game losses than that. The stat on the game the other day said that he has been to the championship game 6 out of his 14 seasons. Hopefully, Big Ben is the difference.

Cathy said...

The whole the Super Bowl Champ has always beaten the Browns. Since 1999.

Robb said...

John, you're right. I will gladly change the numbers.

Cathy, I am trying to block out that stat.


rocket said...

I was afraid you were coming after me when I read that headline. Man I get tired of hearing how Peyton "can't win the big one".

Help me know when the pain will end.

Robb said...


I still tear up about the Drive and the Fumble.

You know that Hootie and the Blowfish line about "I'm such a baby cause the Dolphins make me cry."

Yep. Never.

goboyle said...

I thought you might keep with the reality tv theme and call them "The Biggest Loser"

Anonymous said...

The Steelers will win this
rather easily. Not only are they favored to win by Vegas, which is bank but they have one of the most effective 3-4 defenses in the NFL. Mr. Hasselbeck will certainly find himself being blitzed from all angles ala Joey Porter. The key IMO will be "The Bus" playing in the superbowl, in his hometown of Detroit. Who would have thought the Seahawks would win the NFC? That goes to show how weak the NFC really is..