Sunday, January 01, 2006

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

I have a lot to do.

Vintage - there is a ton to do from fundraising to working on plans for the website to other stuff I can't even think of yet.

Providence - there are papers to grade and lesson plans to write and a syllabus to work out

But here I sit, watching some awkward British movie on HBO, blogging about mostly nothing, and thinking about going to work tomorrow at the bookstore.

I did post in the Cleveland Browns forum about the check I got for Christmas, but got yelled at for posting it in the wrong forum. Oh well.

I feel like I am stuck in a moment and can't get out of it. Anybody got any solutions?


Sandy Mc said...

Well, my hubby was just doing that same..."oh my, a new year and so much to do" he put new strings on his Strat and *tested* them, lol! For me, I have no answers, I am probably much in the same boat as you...feeling like Jonah must have felt a lot of the time!) I guess mostly I am trying to hope I will find a few kindred souls who don't think I am crazy, a complainer, or controlling. I have friends who believe in me, yet they either don't live near me or don't feel drawn to jump in with me on my passion. Closing my eyes to keep from jumping... ~Sandy

klasieprof said...

Sandy..LEts hold hands..Close our eyes..and jump off together. You have friends here in this Blog..except..I'm sort of crazy sometimes whine, and well...I can be bossy. But hey...we can help each other eh??

((hugs)) to you in 2006. Let's reach Ninevah this year together

krisscop at yahoo dot com

A said...

sip some scotch

I just had my first glass

good stuff

Robb said...

I fear scotch will just slow me down even more tonight and give me a headache tomorrow. Besides, I'd have to drive to Missouri to find an open store that sells it, and who wants to drive to Missouri if they can help it?

Sandy Mc said...

OK...I'll skip the scotch, but think I'm gonna poor a glass of wine, and try to chill and listen to my hubby jamming and trying to talk me into playing the blues with's that playing the blues to shake the blues...there must be a message here...LOL!

ness said...

It sure seems like the cool factor has gone up a couple of notches on this blog....maybe it's all the new people.... : )

It's just my professional opinion, but I'm pretty sure this guy is blue because he'd rather be doing more church stuff and also more hanging out with his groovy wife.

If only we knew how to play the blues....

Sandy Mc said...

Ness...I actually know how you feel more than you may imagine. My hubby is in the tenure seeking process and so much of his guitar playing these days is to have a creative escape to clear his mind (and one that does not require close work with his eyes, lol!) He has been jamming on the blues since he was like 10, so it flows pretty easily. You should *get cool* and learn bass with me!

Josh Powers said...

Well the next thing you should do is open your itunes music store and buy U2's acoustic version of that song. That always helps unstick me for some reason.