Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Drama in the Dawg Pound

I was about to post about all the coaching vacancies in the NFL when I noticed this headline at, "Collins out as Browns President."

Last week, while driving home, I picked up 1100 TAM out of Cleveland and learned that the Browns were thinking of firing GM Phil Savage. This infuriated me because Savage has a ton of player and personnel knowledge, built a solid team in Baltimore, and was doing a great job - in my estimation - as the Browns' GM. Team president John Collins went on TAM and said he and Savage had "renewed their vows."

Apparently, not so much. Savage has won the power struggle with Collins, who is now out and Savage is in. From reports, it looks like Romeo Crennel stepped in on Savage's side. Collins had wanted to fill Savage's post with one of his friends. However, Randy Lerner, team owner, wanted the team in the hands of bonafide "football guys." This is very, very, very good news for my beloved Browns.

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