Tuesday, January 10, 2006

ESPN's Misery Index

Guess who's number one.

1. Cleveland Browns

Sure, Cleveland once was an NFL powerhouse, winning three championships in the days before Roman numerals. But that was so long ago that America's heartland actually still manufactured things.The decades haven't been kind to Cleveland since Jim Brown retired to the set of the 'Dirty Dozen' to pursue his 'acting career.' The Browns have had more losing seasons than winning seasons in the past three decades. They've lost five games that could have sent them to the Super Bowl, losing three of them in a span of four years. They watched John Elway march the Broncos 98 yards for a touchdown in the final minutes of the AFC championship game on Jan. 11, 1987. They watched Ernest Byner fumble at the 3-yard line. But just when it seemed it could get no worse, owner/Satan spawn Art Modell stole the team and took it to Baltimore -- where the Ravens won a Super Bowl. Sure, Cleveland got a replacement team. But it stinks. It was like having someone take your Jim Brown throwback jersey and giving you a Jeff Garcia giveaway T-shirt in return.Lousy teams, painful losses, a hijacked team. Sheesh. The only thing missing from the Browns' misery is Kathy Bates' crushing their ankles with a sledgehammer.


rocket said...

I always think of Browns fans as some of the most dedicated fans in the NFL. Lions fans may go through some hard times but their dedication seems like nothing compared to Browns fans. Us Colts fans know some misery too. I'm not going to whine at all because I love this team and it's chances. However I don't know if I'll ever have enough therapy to get over the 1995 AFC Championship Game. I was watching that with a bunch of Steelers fans at Cedarville. I jumped for joy knowing that Bailey had caught the pass. (See number 15 on the 25 most miserable NFL moments)

Oh and they are wrong on #25. That was Jim Mora then coach of the Colts.

Robb said...

My Browns have two of the top 5 worst moments in the NFL - the fumble at #5 and the move at #1.

The Lions seemed to have more than their fair share too.

rocket said...

The Lions have had some bad times. But their fans don't seem as fanatic as Browns fans. Lions fans are loyal and keep watching but Browns fans are crazy.