Monday, January 09, 2006

It's Official

We are Arkansans. Drivers licenses, plate for the car ... no going back now. This calls for some observations about Arkansas.

"Sack" - Most everywhere else in the country, the container in which you carry your items purchased from a store is called a "bag." But here in AR, it's a "sack."

Driving - Yikes. It is not busy like New York City. It is not fast like Boston. It is not slow like Ithaca. It is erratic. On the highway from Bentonville to Fayetteville, I am constantly amazed at how a single car can go from 80 to 50 and back again like it is no big deal - all while not getting out of the passing lane.

KURM's Dial-a-Trade - One of the AM stations here has a call-in show where people try to sell just about anything. We're talking everything from a herd of goats for $23,000 to an old Ford engine for $75 to a used Spiderman sleeping bag for $5. Callers simply give out their phone number on the air. No, Vanessa has not called KURM's Dial-a-Trade yet. "And I thank you."

There's more, but I don't want to waste all my time in the coffee shop blogging about Arkansas' eccentricities.


kingsjoy said...

Welcome to God's country! ;)

Sandy Mc said...

I guy in our community group last year said the Delta region was "God's Country" ;)

Congrats on joining life here in NWA...wish you had a *better* way to say it than "no going back now" (as if you would if you could *sighs*) I will pray for God to surround you in a way that affirms His plan for you to be here (Acts 17:26).

If you ever make it to Arsagas on Gregg, look for the new employee, Andrea. That's our daughter. She finally got her dream coffee shop job. She has been a coffee shop regular since she was about 15 (the Red Eye in old town Saginaw). Just skip telling her you are a pastor, or you will lose her. She is one of those post modern's who wants to toss out Christianity because "religion" is bad. (a *few* things we argee on, LOL)

Oh, and in Arkansas...the native's say "Coke" for all kinds of soda/pop.

klasieprof said...

Same in SC when I lived there Sandy.."WHat kind of Coke do you want'?...Oh i"ll take an orange!!


Robb said...

Here's another one - "I sure don't."

I say to someone at the store, "Do you need some help finding something?"

"I sure don't" comes the answer.

It seems oxymoronic to me.