Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Launch Large

Here is a great example of a church employing the "launch large" strategery that we have talked about using with Vintage. Gives hope that it can be done.


Sandy Mc said...


I read the article and I have mixed feelings about this strategy. Please know up front NONE of my *reservations* reflect on you or A and your abilities. I also should state I am a great fan of the PDC focus. I am going to ask some questions so I can try to understand better, OK?

1) Do you think this strategy can work in all areas? Do you think there must be a certain geographical area that is targeted?

2) If there is a "target" group, and what happens to those are outside that group?

3) Can this strategy be done and yet avoid a staff led church structure? (seems the emphasis is on the idea that "success" is based on the efforts of those on the leadership team)

I may think of more. I just didn't want to be silent.


A note of explanation: I think you guys may know we have had some trouble trying to understand leadership that explained to us that certain people who were not in "the strike zone" and no effort was made to reach to them. In the case I am speaking of it was about "walk-ins". We were "walk- ins" at that very church believing God had led us to attend there and have felt VERY discouraged that in the decisions made by man arena we didn't matter. Secondly when we felt a call to a ministry area (and had been serving in that area for about a year)we were displaced with very little communication when a staff member was added. I would do anything to help others avoid these sort of situations. Not everyone is as resilient as me (including my husband). God thinks ALL people matter and so do I!

goboyle said...


This is a method that I've been thinking about as well in reaching the Chinese in Toronto. I know others who have used it and found it successful. One in Avon, Ohio and another outside Columbus, Ohio.

The challenge is still there of reaching the "crowd" after the first couple of weeks. But i think having a good group of teammembers leading up to the launch will keep everyone focused on the goal.



Robb said...


Second question first. Our "target group" is postmoderns, people who have become disenfranchised and discouraged with modern and traditional churches. We don't care about age, gender, race, background, income - any of that kind of stuff. We want Vintage to be a church for people who are a part of the emerging culture. People with a modern mindset are certainly welcome at Vintage, but I seriously doubt it if they'd stick around. If what has happened already holds true, they will condemn us as compromising backsliders and be on their way. But all of those people who are craving an authentic connection with God and other journeymen in the context of meaninful engagement with culture will find a home in Vintage.

Now number one. I think the strategy can work anywhere. We have chosen to make north Fayetteville, south Springdale our base of operations because we see 1) a dirth of churches in that area, 2) profound growth and opportunity to rub shoulders with people, and 3) opportunities to gather conveniently. My hope and prayer is that Vintage will be a regional church that people from all over NWA will drive to be a part of.

Third question last. Our philosophy on leadership is one of teamwork. We are seeking to have a leadership team, breaking with the pastor-as-dictator model. Right now, the "pastoral staff" is me and Aaron, each of us with different strengths, weaknesses, passions, and abilities. We are praying earnestly for a key third "pastoral" type to help lead worship. But this teamwork framework does not include merely "pastoral staff," but key leaders of important ministries. Our hope is to put together a launch team of people who don't care about titles and positions but just want to do their specific job to get Vintage off the ground. There are/will be so many areas of servants to jump in and do so much.

Does that make sense?

Robb said...


It is so great to hear from you. I have been meaning to email you about your course correction. I am excited for you guys and the Asian people in Toronto! Let me recommend a book that details our strategy - Starting High Definition Churches by Ron Sylvia. Aaron and I are going to a conference in Florida next week at his church. We are sold on the Purpose Driven, launch large idea.


A said...

Yeah, what he said.

goboyle said...

Thanks I'll check it out!