Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blessed! Blessed!

This post is an opportunity for me to rise up and call my wife "Blessed!" Truely amazing.

The recent weeks have been some of the most stressful of my life. I have been interim manager at the store, meaning that I shoulder so much more than I did previously. And I interview for the manager's job tomorrow. I have been working on Vintage stuff, trying to find a location, to build a team, and to raise money. I have tried to stay engaged with my kids in a meaningful way, meaning that Calvin wakes me up way early every morning. We are working feverishly to dump our house in MI and to find a new place to live here in AR. Oh ... and I have been teaching 4th grade and 7th & 8th grade.

And the papers have mounted. In all of my busyness, grading papers has gone by the wayside at times. My pile of papers to grade grew to be literally 6 inches thick. In previous weeks, we had worked to try and get caught up, but to no avail. Our plan last night was to devote ourselves to grading and get caught up.

But then the phone rang. And the call took the wind out of my sails.

After an hour on the phone and a half an hour writing lesson plans, I sat with my head in my hands, realizing that it was getting late and that I was not going to get caught up.

That's when Vanessa kissed me, took my broken down school crate of papers, spread them out around her on the bed and started grading. And she did not stop until they were all done. It was late - like after 1 in the morning late, but she moved my mountain.

Hey, all you Grenzophiles, rise with me and call my wife "Blessed!"

Babe, you are amazing. I could not make it without you. I love you.


A said...

Assuming that "moving your mountain" was not euphomistic for anything and she really just graded papers . . .

Shout out to V!!

ness said...

Yeah, well, I had that English Ed. degree just lying around and figured I might as well use it for something other than selling used dentures.

Love you, Baby! You're my hero!

Sara said...

Vanessa, you rock!