Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We Forked Northwest Arkansas

Our day ended late last night, having forked Northwest Arkansas with 200 Vintage Fellowship signs. The signs are simple - our logo and our web address. We put them everywhere - major intersections, the mall, highway exits, the U of A. We have probably violated some city ordinances or something, but we are asking forgiveness.

Our strategery is to launch large, getting our name out in a big way. And that is what we have done today. Already, at 7:15 in the evening, we have had over 600 page hits on the Vintage website. We have also had 7 requests for our free book offer. And ... we have had a local church pastor email us his greetings and offer to help.


I am feeling like the momentum is building. There are so many more obstacles for all of us, ministry-wise and in our personal lives. But this thing is taking off, and I am excited to be on board!

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