Sunday, May 14, 2006

In Praise of the Ladies

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I thought I would break out of my blogging funk with a post about some pretty remarkable ladies in my life.

First, my wife, Vanessa. No one makes me laugh like she does. No one makes me sweat like she does. No one makes me crazy like she does.

Second, my girls, Mattie and Charliegh. Everyday they crack me up and make me happier than I could have imagined being.

Third, Mars, my mom. Today at the park I was watching a father play catch with his son, and it reminded me of all of those evenings as a kid out in the yard playing catch with Mars. That was fun.

Fourth, my sisters, Cathy and Karen. I like them both - a lot.

And fifth, Sara, the college graduate. I am so proud of her. Against all odds, she persevered and made it. Friday was her big day. Way to go, Sara.

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Sara said...

So, I know this is a little late...but

Thank you