Tuesday, May 16, 2006

O'Malley's Anatomy

OK - I am man enough to admit it. I watch Grey's Anatomy. And I like it. In fact, with the season finale as good as it was, I might even say that I love it.

But I don't like Grey very much. I think she's cheap, depressing, and her whispery talking is annoying. George, on the other hand, is one of the best characters on TV. (He ranks right up there with Hurley and Dwight.) The show should be called O'Malley's Anatomy, the disturbing mental image notwithstanding.

Some things I enjoyed from the finale:

- Each of the interns' interaction with the chief. That was really good television.
- O'Malley's speeches - to both Grey and his girlfriend. Left me cheering.
- The prom was a hilarious counter to all of the tension of the operating room.
- Alex's comforting of Izzy was wonderful. Very, very good acting.

Between Grey's Anatomy and wrapping up Alias, I have been enjoying dramatic TV a lot lately.


ness said...

I said this last an actor, this show would be amazingly has a lot of theatrical elements. The characters are great and its it is funny and sad in the same moment. I cracked up when Christina said, "This game isn't even fun...I don't wanna play" while they were guiltily standing over the guy with the bad heart that they had just done in. It has undeniable "it" factor as a tv show.

A said...

Ok, I'll bite.

Yes, we watch too, and enjoy it quite a bit.

I too like O'Malley, but I don't not like Grey.

Now, for the wierd part, I find myself identifying at times with McDreamy. No, not because I'm undeniably handsome either (be that as it may). But from a jilted lover perspective, I can empathize with him in many ways. Since I too have experienced the wayward spouse and later finding of true love (without much of the drama and adultery that is connected to the show's story line, of course), still yet I find myself rooting for Grey and McDreamy. Sorry, can't help it.

My biggest problem with the show is how absolutely hideous it is to watch Sandra Oh. I find her repulsive and my cringe factor is pretty high with all things revolving around her character.

I am also, frankly, happy that Denny died. I didn't like him, or that story line, one bit.

ness said...

how can you be happy that someone died? That's not nice.

You are supposed to be sympathetic to McDreamy and Meredith...but I was cringing mostly because of the adultry thing. Much uglier in real life.

And Addison has become a sympathetic character now, so that's sticky.

I don't feel good about any of it, but at least it is a romantacized break from the sickening quality of reality. It does somehow draw out all of those wildly amazing feelings of falling in love for real.

O'Malley's a train wreck. I've gone on sympathy dates with guys like him. I actually prefer the complexity of Alex.

Cristina has good hair. I wish I had hair like that.

jayrod said...

i didnt know people felt the same way I did about Grey's.

George is the man I wish i could be: quirky, underestimated, overlooked, and brilliant.

Unfortunately however, I havent been able to watch the last 3 weeks with finals and term papers that were due. Thus, all this discussion has taken the edge off the twists and turns of the finale which i have yet to see.

But honestly, i'm partialy thankful for it. Im a pretty high strung guy. I'm not sure how much my heart emotions, and sanity could handle.


p.s. Denney was a good man. May he find better roles with more lines and less tubes coming out of his nostrils. R.I.P.

A said...

I just didn't like the Izzy/Denny story line at all. I found it lacking. Of course, I am not happy that someone died (which, actually, no one really died, this is a SHOW), but I am happy that the sub-plot is over.

I don't like Addison at all. She reminds me a lot of someone I, well, used to know.

ness said...

ohhhhhhhh....yeah....don't like her a bit....

A said...

There's even a bit of a physical resemblance. . . . shivers . . .