Wednesday, July 19, 2006


M. Night Shyamalan is my favorite director, and Vanessa and I watched one of my favorites Unbreakable again this evening. What a great story. Bruce Willis is great. Samuel L. Jackson is even better. I love the interplay of colors - green and purple. I love the handshake at the end when it all comes to light. I love the moral lessons of the need for purpose in life. Wonderful, wonderful flick. It wasn't nearly as popular as some of his others, but Unbreakable is a must see!


jesse said...


Shymalan is your favorite director?? I guess there is no accounting for taste. He certainly does interesting work with his use of color, but how can you stand his gimmicky story lines? 'Sixth Sense' was a good, well-balanced story, but everything since then has been contrived and awkward. I'll give you that 'Unbreakable' was at least interesting, but the tedious story led up to a dropoff ending that led nowhere.

The thing with old Shy is his stories are mostly like mousetraps. All the tension leads up to one snap. The trouble is that he does a great job of engaging the imagination in the lead up and never delivers in the ending. It is just a sort of debunking of whatever your imagination might have been working on, at best a bit of a letdown. I think I may just step into the last five minutes of his 'Underwater Lady' film so I can get the gimmick without having to get my hopes up for an hour and a half or so.

Anyway, sorry to be a bit of a wet blanket. It is a bit of a personal axe. Feel free to criticize Kubrick or something to even things out.

Love and holy kisses,

jayrod said...

i saw lady in the water last night.

i kind of agree with jesse's take on how he writes. all of his movies do lead up to a swift "debunking", but even going into his movies knowing this will take place doesnt displease. you expect it. which is a good thing.

i put "my faith" in the hope that somehow all of this is going to work out in the end. Shammy's movies seem to express that really well to me.

lady in the water it is a new direction for him. honestly all of his movies went different directions. i think the movie seemed very original, and kept me glued the entire time.

numerous thoughts on community, faith, and fairy tale.

a must see. you will enjoy.