Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sacred Spaces

We are home from a week in upstate New York, and I am reminded once again that there are places that need to be considered holy ground. To me, Camp BaYouCa is one of those places. It was at camp that I met Jesus - fifteen years ago this summer, by the way. It was at camp that I learned what it really means to be a servant from people like Russ Warner. And it was at camp that my family grew as I developed lifelong friendships that pick up immediately even if we only see each other once a year.

So we went back to camp this summer where I got to be the speaker at the first Junior High week. In the evenings, I talked about how Jesus is the ultimate superhero. And in the mornings, I talked about the things that can turn us from heroes into villains. The response was great. The kids were there. One girl came up to me on Friday evening and said kind of blankly, "You were pretty good up there." That's the kind of verbal affirmation that keeps me going!

We laughed a lot this week. When Jimdarling introduced me on Monday, he said he wasn't sure what to call me. So I told the kids they could call me "Pastor Robb," or if they were more daring "Oh Captain, My Captain." It was hilarious to be called "Oh Captain, My Captain" all week. On Tuesday night, Jimdarling told them they could call me "Pontif," but since we had a superhero theme, I thought "Super Pontiff" would be more appropriate. Since they were Junior Highers and didn't grasp the high church references, those who didn't call me "Oh Captain, My Captain" ended up calling me "Super Pontis" all week. I love Junior Highers.

Maybe the most memorable part of the week was the Adventures of Duck Tape Man and Plunger Girl. I had the kids suggest ideas for BaYouCa-specific superheroes, and that is what they came up with. On Friday, the program staff filmed a hilarious video about Duck Tape Man and Plunger Girl. I've got it in DVD-format, and if I can figure out a way to upload onto the Grenz, I will. It is good, good stuff.

So, a few days, many miles, and a whole lot of sleep deprivation later, we are home. I am happy to sleep in my own bed again and to shower in my own shower. But I am happier to have spent a week on a holy ground!


Andrew said...

Great stuff happens at camp!

Leah and I leave this Saturday to help lead camp in Romania. We will let you know how it goes!

akr said...

it still cracks me up that you enjoy being refered to as oh captian my captian when he dies in the end.

Robb said...

Robin Williams doesn't die in the end of Dead Poets. The one kid in the class does. Right?

akr said...

In the original poem the captian dies.

jnthn said...

you made reference to sacred spaces is interesting, it's an idea that i keep coming across lately but no thought about it has amounted to anything.