Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where Is the Love?

So I was thinking the other day about love. Each generation seems to have a person who embodies and personifies love. Almost with universal acclaim, if you wanted to know what real love looked like, you could look to that person.

Mother Teresa

Martin Luther King Jr.

Mahatma Ghandi

So, here's my question - who is the personification of love in our generation? Has there been yet someone to take Mother Teresa's mantle? It's kind of like asking who is the next Michael Jordan, but I am curious, where - or who - is the love?


A said...

Good question, but you may not like my answer.

I don't think there is any one "Mother Theresa" -esque person, and I am glad.

When Michael Jordan is on the court, even other good basketball players tend to let him do his thing, and not necessarily give it their all.

Maybe if there isn't a worldwide "point person" for love, then everyone will take their individual responsibility to love others seriously.

In a world where Michael Jordan plays basketball, no one plays quite as hard.
In a world where Billy Graham is evangelising the world, no one shares their faith quite as much.
In a world where Mother Theresa loves everyone, no one feels the need to love their neighbor.

Maybe it is time that we all played basketball, shared our faith, and loved our neighbor. Maybe instead of having a franchise player in each arena, we need to have a bunch of hard working team mates that together accomplish more than one high paid big name could.

drfitz said...

I'll begin by saying me even starting to do I need one more thing to draw me in.

I love that you picked these people and while they represent some element of love, its the people they served, the people they represented, the people they died for that are the pics we should have. Millions who self-sacrifice--the millions who do only for simple goodness.

It follows exactly what "A" a team without a point person possibly more effective in the long-run..folks to spread the word, folks to love big, folks through their everyday actions are all about Big Love.

No doubt Christ had an amazingly effective ministry when He was the point person, but look what He did to insure that it would continue after He was gone...some pretty amazing things happened beyond the Gospels as new point persons emerged and new teams were built.

jnthn said...

the beatles came on in the other room just as a read this post, can you guess it was "a you need is love."