Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hey A

Know what's worse than the rejection letter?

The rejection phone call.

I just couldn't bring myself to say "bite me" to the guy on the phone.


A said...

Dude, sorry.

Let's have a group, "Bite Me."

Robb said...

What is that "bite me" from? I think it's a sports radio show, right? Didn't Papa Joe have a "Bite Me Wednesday" bit? We need to call him.

A said...

I have no idea where it came from, my sister has said it for years.

ness said...

Please don't ask this question. My mother will answer in graphic detail reducing us all to cringing hormonal 14 year olds. She did it back then when I said it, anyway.

A said...

Oh c'mon, now I'm curious. Let's hear it!!

I got another rejection letter today from my interview on Thurs. I really thought I had that one.

Bite me.