Sunday, October 01, 2006


According to this article, GOP leaders knew about Rep. Foley's horrible emails and instant messages to a 16 year old boy last year! Why didn't they make this public? Why didn't they move to have his influence in the Republican caucus limited? Despicable.


A said...

Inconcievable! (yes, imagine the Princess Bride pronounciation.)

klasieprof said...

Ok. I couldn't help it. I had to read the transcript. Somehow I feel like its Monica's Little Blue dress. Who would save an IM chat?

Yes it was inappropriate...but COULD it (i'm not a guy so I don t know) like a GUY trying to talk to a guy? Trying to be "hip" or whatever? No Then I got was off I know.

except the part about being face down...ick that was wayyy too much.
But what about his PARENTS NOT wanting to make this come out? Was that THEN or was that Recent? And when did his parents find out? His mom that he talks about not even knowing how to download an email file? HOW did THEY find out???? Dispicable as Foley's stuff was...incidents occur and have occurred way worse in Congress and Courts that we never find out about.
just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Lord Acton said "Power corrupts..".
It doesn't matter what party is in power -corruption will come. Who ever is there needs to be removed. That includes Republicans if they have been corrupted.

klasieprof said...

So does anyone other than me find it ludicrous that he checks into Alcohol AND BEHAVIORAL rehab? what He didn't have this BEFORE--only AFTER it comes to light?

I was abused as a child. Oh Please. think up a better excuse..even if it is true...suddenly we have an outpouring of pity for him? ooops I left my pity maker home...sorry.