Sunday, January 14, 2007

Condi v. Boxer

This little fued between Condi Rice and CA Senator Barbara Boxer is kind of interesting. Rice appeared before a Senate committee talking about the President's troop surge proposal. During Boxer's questioning, she suggested that both she and Condi might have a hard time making this decision because neither of them had children or grandchildren in the military. Neither one of them would "pay any particular price" for the policies being enacted.

This has caused a great trauma for feminism. Since Condi is single and without children, is her judgement somehow inferior to that of a wife and mother? Was that what Boxer was suggesting?

First, a comment on the double standard. If a white Republican man had said anything like this, there would be all hell to pay. Trent Lott, anyone?

However, and this is my second observation, I think Boxer's comments are being taken completely out of context. Her own defense is that she was trying to find some common ground with Rice. And I am inclined to believe her. Yet, in her suggestion that only those directly involved and affected are qualified to make miliatary decisions is wrongheaded.

Does it seem prudent to suggest that the best military decisions can be made by mothers, fathers, and grandparents of our soldiers? Wouldn't their emotional attachment cloud their judgement? Call me crazy, but I think military decisions ought to be made by the generals leading our troops.

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