Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Feel Like a Wus

We cancelled church today. The weather reports have been advertising a "crippling ice storm." First it was going to be Friday night into Saturday. And then Saturday night into Sunday. And now Sunday night into Monday. It's cold, but not freezing. It's raining, but not freezing rain.

Basically, we cancelled church over the threat of rain.

Attendance would have been low because of the weather anyway, but still. Rain.


A said...

Dude, I still feel like it was the best decision we could make at the time. There were 9 accidents that Springdale PD were working at 7:30 this morning, and they had 540 closed at the overpass at 412 due to ice.
I say, better safe than sorry. If we'd had it, the few people that made it out could have been stranded had the temp dropped a few degrees and iced everything over. One family in an accident and we'd have felt terrible.
I know it didn't turn out to be that bad, but we had to err on the side of safety.

A said...

I thought wuss was spelled with 2 ss'?

sara_williams said...

Yeah, i have to agree with A on both comments. I imagine some parts of the road must have been icy..think how terrible you'd felt if i was to get into an accident on my way to church...considering i take 540 and go past 412 on my way to get to Vintage..?

Something to think about


ness said...

i have nothing to add, but my word verification is


that's the sound you make when your feet fly out from under you on the ice and you knock down your sister and your girlfriend in one fell swoop.