Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Draft is Saturday

I love the NFL draft. The Browns pick third this year.

Let me just admit up front what part of me hopes for. Part of me hopes that they suck next year. I partially want them to take Joe Thomas this year, hire Bill Cowher as head coach next offseason, and then take Darren McFadden in next year's draft. I think that would lead to great success for a long time.

However, given the choice between that and being good immediately, I would take being good immediately.

I think that Joe Thomas is the safest pick for them. He is a bruising left tackle from Wisconsin. Football is won and lost on the lines, and the Browns since their reincarnation have not been able to sustain quality offensive line play. Thomas is a potential perrennial Pro Bowler who could anchor the o-line for a decade. He's not flashy, but he's the guy who would make me most satisfied.

I am warming to the idea of Brady Quinn, but I am gunshy about picking a quarterback in the first round. I also am still hopefully that Charlie Frye does not suck. If Quinn is the guy, I'll back him, but I am leary. Hopefully Charlie Weiss is right when he recommended him to Romeo Crennel.

I have soured on Adrian Peterson, but I could be back on board quickly if he is the pick. People have compared him to Eric Dickerson. I wouldn't mind having an ED like player on the Browns. But can the line block for him?

I know little about Calvin Johnson except that everyone says he is the best player in the draft. I like the receving core of Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow Jr, and Johnson, but I worry that this kind of experiment didn't work for the Lions, so why should it work for the Browns.

So, there's my analysis. At least in April, everyone's got hope.

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