Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wow, I Hate Bats

Heard a report about these horrific creatures on NPR. Remind me never to go to Europe.


klasieprof said...

We had bats in the house I grew up in. I could hear them occasionally SCRATCHING on the walls of the old house.
One time...I awoke to my mom telling me to "pull the blankets over your head...JUST DO IT". I did.
My brother had come home, saw things flying around in my room,....and shut the door.
I guess after some reflection, he went down and got my mom.
Out came the homemade bat catcher of trash bag on a stick. (that way you could just STOMP them after catching them).
They caught three that night. Stomped two...and put one in a gallon jar for show and tell. wonder I'm traumatized.
AWWK...Bats are flying mice..hate em' both~!

Robb said...

Donna - hey. I've been missing you during our Life Together series. I think you'd be liking it.

These bats eat birds out of the air. If I didn't hate them so much, I might think that was kind of cool.

courtney said...

Bats are part of the reason Ron and I are married. He used to come down to the 1st Presby. Church to get them out of the building for me because I was scared to death of them...we started dating after that. :) My hero

ness said... had bats in your belfry...hahhahhh

Bobb, remind me to not let bats in our room again. It's very disconcerting when we are both under the covers.