Friday, July 06, 2007

Follow the Money

So Algore's Live Earth concert is this weekend. It has been billed as the "greenest concert ever." Besides serving snacks in recyclable containers and such, one of the main ways that Live Earth is seeking to do no environmental damage while it raises awareness about global warming is by purchasing carbon offsets for the carbon it uses. In his time in the private sector, Algore began a carbon offset company, Generation Investment Management, and he now serves on its chairman. Presumably, it stands to reason that Algore will make a killing by means of the concert he has sponsored. Maybe it's not as altruistic as it appears, huh? I'm just asking.


Anonymous said...

Gore making money off of carbon offsets after he has been pushing them for so long? What a cynical statement. ;-)

It does sound like he's developing quite the little cottage enterprise right here, doesn't it?

Assuming, for the moment, that Gore is being perfectly altruistic, you would think that he would realize that this sort of thing doesn't look entirely kosher (what with all of us cynical types floating around out here) and might actually hurt his message some. Why, some less than generous souls might have the temerity to say that he's just in it to make a buck or two. Perish forbid anyone question the motives of Saint Gore, the great and powerful (and, after all, he did invent the internet).

Of course, he's got to do something to keep busy and generate a little income to pay the electric bill at his mansion, and I somehow can't imagine he's pulling in all that much as a motivational speaker (though I may be mistaken--I fully concede that I often am).

I don't suppose you watch South Park much or at all? They had a episode (fear the man-bear-pig!) on him that summed up the altruist that is Al Gore pretty darned well IMHO.


courtney said...

Ah, Matthew, classic episode and I'm not even a South Park follower. Having spent some time in TN, home of the whole Gore family dynasty, I can tell you that the people who have known him best didn't vote for him for very good fact, MTSU, which has a few buildings named after al gore the first, only named a study room after al gore junior--and it's actually a bathroom!
Maybe the money is to pay for all the little plastic containers his son is carrying around while driving like a madman--which isn't very fuel-efficient.