Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tell Me ...

What are the two most disturbing words in this news story?

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (AP) - John Mark Karr, who made what turned out to be bogus claims of killing JonBenet Ramsey, was jailed Saturday in a domestic argument at his father's house in suburban Atlanta.

Officers received a 911 call late Friday from the house about an argument between Karr, his girlfriend and his father, Sandy Springs Police Lt. Steve Rose said.

Karr, who was arrested last summer in Thailand after making bizarre, detailed confessions in the 6-year-old beauty contestant's death, was arrested in the domestic case shortly before midnight and charged with battery and obstruction.

Officers took Karr to a hospital after he complained of chest pains, and took him to jail late Saturday morning, Rose said. No other details were immediately released.

Karr's confession last summer was a sudden turn in the decade-old Ramsey killing in Boulder, Colo. But after Karr, a sometime teacher obsessed with the little girl's slaying, was brought back to the U.S., he was freed for lack of corroboration for his claims—or even any solid indication he'd been near Boulder at the time of the killing.


ness said...

that's easy....

"his girlfriend"

A said...

They left out that she was 7.

courtney said...

bahaha. yeah, I read that clip last night and said the exact same thing to Ron. I mean, who IN THE WORLD would date this guy????

Anonymous said...

I think "sometime teacher" is what really does it for me. Can you imagine finding out that your kids were in a classroom with this guy? I don't know about you, but I would be having some strong words with the school board. I am so glad I don't have kids.

Hopefully, he was "a sometime teacher" at the college or at least the high school level.

I hope he's not teaching at all now: confessing to a little girl's murder, even if he didn't actually do it, is one of those things I think ought to preclude someone from working with or being allowed anywhere near young people.

How does somebody get so wrong?


centuri0n said...

The mistake is seeing Karr as part of "them" who are bad and myself (or yourself) as part of "us" who are good and not on the verge of doing something horrible. An example is that we can crack a joke about this disturbed guy having a 7-yr-old girlfriend and find it funny.

He needs the Gospel -- in -exactly- the same way that I need the Gospel, or that you need the Gospel. Overlooking that is a terrible mistake.

The creepiest words in the story are "suburban Atlanta". No matter how infamous this guy is, he could hide in a sprawling suburb like that for a long time doing heaven-only-knows what.

Amber said...

"was freed"