Monday, July 09, 2007


Last week in our house was dominated by Transformers. Vin and I had been talking about it for - literally - years. We still lived in Michigan when we heard that the movie was being made and that it was coming out the week of his 6th birthday. We decided then to go. And we did.

But not before I went first - at midnight on Monday. What a geek - standing in line with all the other 30something guys who grew up with Prime and Megatron and Bumblebee and the lot. When the movie ended near 3 am and I walked out to my car, I was pretty sure something in the parking lot was going to turn into a robot before my very eyes.

I went again with Ness, Vin, Mattie, and like a dozen other people from church on Sunday afternoon. Armed with the knowledge of the right scene to take the kids on a potty break, I liked it even better the second time.

It is big and loud and fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously - like so many disaster movies do. Peter Cullen doing the voice of Optimus Prime was so amazing and nostaglic and perfect.

The bad guys are bad guys and the good guys are good guys. I liked that. It was refreshing. The American soldiers were obviously good guys. And I liked that too.

Plus, the message is a great one - No sacrifice, no victory. I really love the comic book movies that have a great message - "With great power comes great responsibility." What a great way to teach truth! (And to illustrate it in a sermon. Hey, if anyone from BaYouCa is reading, I've got a whole new junior high series here.)

The computer animation is breath-taking. It kind of boggles my mind to imagine what they will come up with next. Watching the robots transform was awesome, Prime especially!

My excitement was certainly fueled by Vin's birthday, which was Transformer-themed. And it has been fueled by the very fun and high energy series we are doing at Vintage right now, Transform Your Life, which everyone seems to be enjoying. But, upon reflection, my excitement was well-founded. The movie did not disappoint. Certainly, not everyone will like it. But I did. Very, very much.


corexian said...

I enjoyed it as well. I looked back through some of the classic transformer stuff on YouTube and noticed how many of those toys my cousin and I really had. The original movie can be found on YouTube, for the record . . .

corexian said...

By the way, i though you might enjoy this "Open Letter to Optimus Prime from GEICO":

Sara said...

i liked it to..I could see it again